You’re Only Given One Reputation


Your reputation management is important because you only get one reputation. How you choose to manage it is up to you and to your discretion but it may not always be under your control. Because you only get one reputation to your name, you must ensure that you put all your effort into making it the best it can be from the get go that way you won’t necessarily need to put in too much effort into rebuilding it. Your reputation management relies on your initial control, your decorum and character. Make sure that all these things and more are in check while you address your online reputation management.


Online reputation management plays a large role in determining how people perceive you. The internet is so public and accessible. Because of this, you need to make sure you do what you can to take control over what is being said about you and do damage control over what has already been said about you. Your reputation is basically what other people think about you and how they describe you to others that may not have met you yet. Your reputation is something that may make or break connection you have with someone. Reputation management is something that all companies and brands need to start taking more seriously as it is how their business is being perceived by the public which directly effects their sales.

Online reputation management may save your business from online extortionists. Your reputation management should always be a priority to your organization. There are measures that should be followed and taken seriously in order to avoid jeopardizing your online reputation management efforts. If not, you are allowing anyone to take control over your reputation. Once something is done to your reputation, it cannot be “undone”. You can do your best to fix the situation or make attempts at damage control, but nothing

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