Why Businesses should use an Online Staff Holiday and Leave Planner


If you run a business in the United Kingdom, it is a legal requirement to give your staff holiday each year. This, in some regards, is great. It means that your employees will be able to relax from time to time. They will then be able to come back fully refreshed. In other cases, it is going to cause quite a headache. This is because you will be a staff member (sometimes 2!) down! If you operate a smaller company, then this will have a huge impact on the way in which y9our business runs. This is why you are going to want to invest in an online staff holiday and leave planner.


An online staff holiday and leave planner will, essentially, allow you to record all holiday time on an online chart. Your employees will have access to this. You will have access to this. One of the major benefits of having the leave recorded online is because people can access it whenever they want. This means that they will be able to plan their leave based around what others have planned. They will not need to keep coming to you to find out when they are able to take time away from work. In addition to this, it is a more ‘permanent’ record of holiday leave. There are some companies out there who just keep a record in their staff room. Bits of paper get ‘lost’ when this happens, or holiday may not be properly recorded. At least with an online system, you and your staff members will always be able to check whether their holiday has been recorded properly.

One of the main benefits for you, as an employer, is the fact that you will have a quick view of when people have their holidays planned and the like. This means that you will be able to make a note of when (or if) you will need to hire additional staff to fill the hole that the staff member on leave has. You will then be able to add notes to the chart to ensure that you have relevant cover in place. This is going to be particularly important, especially during the summer months, when you are staff are going to be more likely to take holidays.

Don’t forget, this will also benefit larger companies. You do not want too many people away from work in the same department. It will cause that department to halt.

Finally, a good online staff holiday and leave planner will enable you to easily see which staff members have used up their holiday entitlement! This is incredibly important. Let’s be honest, there are some staff members who end up taking up more holiday than they are entitled to. This is normally spotted, but if you have tons of pieces of paper flying about and no dedicated ‘holiday logging’ system, a few days may be missed here and there, which is never ideal!

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