What is the difference between Steel and Titanium?


Steel and Titanium are both metals that are suitable for an array of industries. If you’re looking for a metal coil that can withstand immense pressure, then look no further than Ti-Tek!

What are they used for?

Both materials are used in a range of industries from manufacturing, construction to automotive and aerospace, though due to its wide range of properties, titanium is the preferred material for use in the aerospace, jewellery and medical sectors.

Steel is used within the automobile industry for areas where a hardened material is required such as the axles in cars and trucks.

Titanium is also used in high demand by computer and electronic manufacturers with titanium coils used in a number of mobile phones.

Which is the most durable?

Both materials are renowned for their sheer strength, and though many marketing claims might suggest that titanium is stronger, but in fact, the best steel is actually stronger. But due to its low density, titanium is the preferred choice when weight is of a high priority to strength.


How do they perform under pressure and high temperatures?

Unlike titanium, steel is unable to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures and can experience structural fatigue. Titanium has properties that enable the metal to operate under extreme temperatures without any reduction of weight-including a high melting point.

Are they both resistant to corrosion?

Another difference between steel and titanium is that steel is corrosive whilst titanium has exceptional resistance to a range of acids, alkalis, waters and is seen as a highly compatible biological material making it perfect for use as surgical implants due to the acceptance of the human body and it’s non-poisonous inert.  

Which lasts the longest?

Due to its low density, titanium is prone to scratching so, therefore, if you want to maintain the metal, you’ll have to polish it regularly. Steel is easier to maintain because it’s stronger, so it doesn’t damage as easily. With this said, the lifespan of titanium is slightly longer than that of steel, so if you’re looking for titanium alloys that last, then consider our wide range at Ti-Tek.

Titanium grading

Here at Ti-Tek, we use titanium grading to describe the strength of our metals. Grades 1-4 are pure titanium, providing the highest strength and ductility,whereas grades 5 and upward are titanium alloys which have a number of specialist properties making them suitable for specific industry sectors.

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