Choosing the right and relevant content to post


The world is changing by the minute and something is always in or out of trend. Picking the content that matters to your audience will keep you relevant and increase or maintain your online presence. There are ways to keep up with the time and ensure you stay relevent

Get ideas

Look for ideas online about the current problems that need to be addressed. This will help in illuminating the right content to research and write about. This helps you find the kind of issues that need to be addressed and highlighted; it also provides you with ideas on how to go about it in terms of solving them. You can look up what your competitors are up to in order to stay on trend. It’s always good to conduct a competitive analysis just in case you need new competition or need to step-up your game.


Understanding the value

The amount of work you need to invest is important. The key is; quality over quantity. Finding ways to efficiently downsize problems is the goal. This means that the kind of content should be appealing and offer simpler terms and ways to deal with the issue.

Proving your credibility

The content should have a basis and include resources where people can go and confirm. This way you not only prove your credibility but build a good positive relationship with your customers. Connecting and interacting with your fans and followers is important as it builds trust and makes you more approachable.

Personalizing your content

Using terms like i did or I tried, gives the customers a feeling of comfort and opportunity for them to share their own personal stories and experiences. This helps in receiving genuine and more meaningful feedback that helps you improve your content in the long run.

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