Benefits of Making your Business Disability Friendly


Disability-friendly Businesses

About one in every eight Britons is reported to have a confirmed disability. Meeting the needs of a business’ customers who have a disability is, therefore, an important aspect of being a business owner or a customer service representative in an organization. We therefore strive to make our business organization as freely accessible to all as we can. Businesses that meet the needs of such persons with disabilities have an increased potential to scale up their customer base. All people appreciate the ease with which a business can be accessed and especially the disabled.

In most parts of human history, disabled persons were segregated from the rest of society, and this was because people initially thought that disabled persons could not contribute to the rest of the society. Disabled persons were mostly viewed as a huge burden to bear by all. In most recent times, people’s attitudes and ideas about disabled persons and their potential to become productive have changed. This paradigm shift, however, did not go far, and people thought that people with disabilities could only achieve a level of productivity if they stayed with their kind in sheltered environments where they would do menial tasks.


Even most recently and with the passage of important laws that advocate for rehabilitation and inclusiveness of disabled persons in all areas and opportunities in life, fortunes have changed dramatically for disabled persons. Today disabled persons are all out, left, right and centre and have been integrated into our fair society with boldness and esteem.

There are numerous ways to make a business-friendlier for access to disabled persons. Many businesses are beginning to do just that, and this is an area where all commercial ventures and public spaces should review regularly.

How to modify your workplace for disabled employees:

  • Platform lifts. A platform lift is an easy access option for wheelchair users and other people who struggle with using lifts. Platform lifts also come in a wide variety of styles and are easy to use in an environment where disabled persons need to go up and down the floors of a building.
  • Level access lifts. Several solutions have been designed to make access to workplaces and buildings easy for disabled persons and the level access lifts is one of the ingenious solutions for easier elevation to disabled persons. Level access lifts are used for vertical transportation between floors.
  • There are many different needs as to how elevation and access to buildings should be done. Tall buildings with several floors need to have strong cabin lifts. Cabin lifts are essentially good for transporting a large number of persons effectively and can accommodate wheelchairs for disabled persons easily.

Fortunately, all of these can be sourced at Level Lifts in the United Kingdom. Level Lifts specializes in offering infrastructure solutions to businesses to ensureaccessibility.

Other than infrastructure changes to your workplace, there are other several things that can be done to ensure that the workplace is friendlier and accommodative to disabled persons. These extra changes include drafting welcoming policies that assist in making expectation clear that your organization is welcoming to all kinds of persons without favour or discrimination. A good example statement would be to have a statement that welcomes disabled persons by saying: Our community values diversity and inclusiveness of all.

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